China Insiders
23 — 29 September
Female leaders' business mission in Beijing
Development: Business. Personal. Cultural.
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Realize your business potential in China:
Trip goals
Insights on conducting business in China and with China;

State support for business;

Tax system;

Peculiarities of female-led business – opportunities and challenge.
Business in China is built upon guanxi (interpersonal relationships)
Familiarizing yourself with Chinese companies in various sectors;

Sharing experience with female leaders, entrepreneurs, top managers and state authority representatives;

Business lunches and dinners with local experts
Exciting cultural immersion:
Get inspired and inspire,
get charged with energy in order to
improve yourself and the world around you!

What's in store for us?
Visiting technological companies and non-profit organizations, Chinese Silicon Valley, accelerators and funds

Communicating with business leaders, female entrepreneurs and experts

Learning about Chinese economy, business, entrepreneurship, culture, the art of negotiations, labor resource management

Sightseeing tours of Beijing and Shanghai: Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, etc.

Authentic China: Great Wall of China, Peking duck, hutongs, cashier-less store.

By 2035 China will be the largest economy in the world and the leader in the sphere of artificial intelligence.
China is the leader in manufacturing smart and portable products.
China — business with a female spirit
" Women can hold up
half the sky„
Mao Zedong
Chinese women comprise half of female billionaires in the world

51% of senior management positions in China are held by women

Women have founded 55% of new internet companies and constitute a quarter of the entrepreneurs (vs. 22% of startups that engage women in the USA)

The largest venture fund in the world established by a woman is located in China

Half the sky is the synonym for a woman

Do you want to acquire management,
development and negotiation experience?
— the capital of China, a political, cultural and educational center, main transport hub and one of the four most ancient cities in the country (Emperor City).
Why Beijing? It's the focus of:
The most extensive professional resources in China

Powerful scientific and technological potential

Political and financial government support

Transnational corporations and major Chinese companies

The first new high-tech research zone in China was established here

We'll visit and communicate with the representatives of All-China Women's Federation, Beijing Professional Women's Network, Zhongguancun innovative hub, Social Entrepreneurship Fund, as well as companies in the AI, e-commerce, personnel management and publishing spheres.
Business mission experts

A Russian company that's been working in China since 2015, specializing in PR and educational programs in China.

Our specialists ensure the support of business projects based on the rich business experience of the local and international personnel, a full-scale database of strategic partners and a vast network of companies and professionals in China.
Attendance confirmed
(the list is being updated)

Oma Lee — Founder of the female professional network in Beijing
Virginia Tan — Founder of LeanIn China
Tan Lin — VP of All China's Women Federation
Hua Wu — Technical Director of Baidu
Included in the price
4-star hotel accommodations

Transportation during the program

Medical insurance

Breakfast and lunch

Company visits

Escort on tour routes


Photo and video reports
Not included in the price

Interview with Olga Bolkunova, head of China Insiders on Mediametrics radio station
Testimonials from other China Insiders tour participants
Program partners
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